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Hubei Research Institute of Chemistry (HRIC), is a comprehensive provincial scientific institute specializing in the fields of organic synthesis, new chemical materials and chemical engineering processes.  HRIC was founded in 1973, in Wuhan city, Hubei province of China and was ISO9001 certified. It is staffed with 219 persons, including 41 senior researchers, 3 national experts, 7 provincial experts, and 24 supported by state government subsidy.

HAISO (Have Access to Institute Supplied Organics) PharmChem is the R&D, manufacturing and trading center of HRIC in pharmaceutical and biotech industry. HAISO PharmChem supplies and distributes fine chemicals, APIs, natural plant extracts for major pharmaceutical and biotech companies in Europe and North America. By constant R&D, HAISO PharmChem has developed above 100 APIs and intermediates in the past years. And now we can scale up pharmaceutical intermediates from micro to pilot scale via our industrial base. There are over 12000 regular products in our catalog. We have produced about 3000 products in the past and can distribute tens of thousands of products with competitive prices for our partners, major pharmaceutical manufacturers in China, India and Russia.
Custom synthesis service: We specialize in complex multi-step custom organic synthesis in pharmaceutical and biotech industry. We supplies drugs, intermediates, metabolites, and rare and special organic chemicals in both bulk and gram-scale quantity.
Contract research service: All our chemists are all with professional knowledge and expertise in chemicals and have more than 10 years of experience in exploratory, collaborative research synthesis.
Fine organic chemical distribution:  we have established wide trading relationship with about 1000 manufacturers in both domestic and overseas market, especially Chinese, Indian and Russian manufactures. Therefore, we can distribute about 9000 products for them with competitive prices

Our aim:
Our aim is to provide superior quality and service in custom synthesis, contract research and fine organic chemical distribution to meet your requests and become your partner.